About Us

NewCore-IoT is a technology company focused on developing, promoting, and supplying affordable and appropriate Internet of Things (IoT) Technologies to our customers on the African continent.

We use;

  • Smart sensors
  • Low-Power-Long-Range wireless communication system
  • Intelligent Platform IoT Platform or Application Software

Our solution provides real-time data collection, analysis and insights on soil health and ambient environmental conditions, enabling timely interventions for improved crop yield, reduced operating costs and profitability for horticulture and floriculture farmers.

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What we Measure

We are able to measure and visualize the following key soil components.

NPK mg/kg
Ambient Temperature 0c
Ambient Humidity 100 %
Light Intensity Candela (cd)
Soil EC Sm-1
PH 0-14
Soil Moisture 100%
Soil Temperature 0c

Analyze Data

This element of our solution applies data analytics processing tools to readings collected from our wireless sensors, which includes ; soil health, ambient temperature, humidity and light intensity. We derive insights from this data in real-time, which are communicated to the farmer so that they ensure optimum current and future conditions for crop growth.


The insights obtained from data collected and analysed, enable farmers to take current corrective action and initiate measures in their farming practices to always ensure optimum conditions for growth of their crops.

Improve Yield

Farmers will improve crop yields by taking corrective actions to their farming practices assisted by closely monitoring the crops with the help of our solution.

Our Solutions

We offer smart agriculture services to flower farms and avocado farmers.They include

Soil and Environmental Sensing in Real time

We test and monitor soil health and ambient environmental conditions in real-time 24/7.

Data visualization and Alerts

We analyse and visualize the data we receive from the wireless sensors on the farm. Alerts are sent to the farmer if set thresholds are breached.

Reports generation

We generate reports from our data analysis for current and retrospective useful insights for the farmer.

Equipment Supply

We supply and maintain sensors and related accessories required for our end-to end solution.

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