Smart Flower & Horticulture Farming with NewCore IoT

Have you been looking for a cost effective way to monitor your greenhouse conditions? Introducing our state-of-the-art sensors system that enables the farmer to monitor your farm parameters anytime from anywhere, in real time, on multiple devices.

Our Solution

Our solution enables you to monitor these ideal environmental conditions not only ensure maximum yield but also help prevent the spread of pests and weeds in the greenhouse.


  • Monitor these parameters in real time from anywhere using a smartphone or computer with an internet connection.
  • To receive alerts if any of these parameters are above or below the threshold set.
  • To manually intervene to ensure that these ideal environmental conditions are maintained.
  • Increase their harvest from healthy plants.
  • Reduce consumption of water and electricity.


An easy-to-deploy, affordable, good quality smart sensor-based solution enabling real time data analytics and visualisation. The sensors send real-time data to a gateway that can support up to 500 sensors. Information is presented in easily understandable graphics on a web-based application. The system generates alerts and reports through mobile texts or emails. Able to measure the soil health, ambient temperature, relative humidity and light intensity in a greenhouse.

Easy to use dashboard:

  • Clear, easy to read display for the farmer.
  • View all the parameters you need easily.
  • All the readings appear on your device in real time.
  • You can view these remotely on your device, from wherever you are.

Sensors Measure:

  • Moisture and temperature in soil or media.
  • Electrical conductivity in soil or media.
  • pH in soil or media.
  • Macro nutrients NPK in soil or media.
  • Ambient relative humidity and temperature.
  • Ambient light intensity.

On Going Projects

Some of our ongoing projects with flower farms and avocado farms.

Flower Farm

Hanna Roses

Flower Farms

Hanna Roses

Avocado Farmers

Avocado Society

Flower Farms

Hanna Roses

Avocado Farmers

Avocado Society

Avocado Farmers

Avocado Society


We offer smart agriculture services to flower farmers. They include

Soil and Enviromental Sensing in Real time

We test for different micro nutrients in the soil to get its quality

Data visualization and Alerts

We visualize the data we get from testing and sampling on a Dashboard

Reports generation

We generate reports from your soil samples for research and analysis

Equipment Supply

We supply and maintain sensors to green houses and farms

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