About Us

NewCore-IoT Ltd is a leading technology company based in Nairobi, Kenya and focused on the African continent. We provide smart precision farming solutions at scale for commercial farmers in Kenya and the rest of Africa. The company applies appropriate and affordable IoT technologies in its solutions.

We collaborate with an ecosystem of top-tier technology partners to achieve our mission of providing real-time data collection, analysis and insights on soil health and ambient environmental conditions, enabling timely interventions for improved crop yield, reduced operating costs and profitability for horticulture and floriculture farmers.

Our Mission

To enable commercial farmers achieve the full potential of their farms by using our precision agriculture solutions. By deploying our affordable sensors, communication systems and application platform farmers can collect and analyse data on the ambient environment and soil conditions and take necessary actions to improve conditions for plant growth.

Our Vision

Our vision is to democratize high quality and affordable smart precision farming solutions for commercial farmers on the African continent, enabling them to improve crop yield, quality and profitability.

The Problem

Despite being in one of the continents most lucrative industries, horticulture and floriculture farmers have limited access to affordable precision agriculture technologies. They they result in using inefficient and unreliable methods in their attempt to improve crop yield and profitability of their operations.

Our Solution

We provide an easy-to-deploy, affordable, good quality smart sensor-based solution enabling real time data analytics and visualisation. The sensors send real-time data to a gateway that can support up to 500 sensors. Information is presented in an easily understandable graphics on a web-based application. The system generates alerts and reports through mobile texts or emails. You are able to measure soil health, ambient temperature, relative humidity and light intensity in an greenhouse or open farm. Our innovative precision agriculture solution enables the following outcomes for farmers.

  • Improved productivity or crop yield
  • Improved quality of produce
  • Optimized availability of produce
  • Reduced utility costs, such as water


Meet our dedicated team.

Joseph Kairigo


Joseph Kairigo is a Director of NewCore IoT Ltd. He performs an Executive Advisory role in the company.

Njiraini Nganga

Managing Director

Njiraini is responsible for the leadership and strategic direction of the company.

Melvin Murithi

Senior IoT Solutions Engineer

Melvin is the Team Leader in the Engineering department under product development and innovation.

Emasi Collins

Junior IoT Solutions Engineer

Collins is part of the Engineering department under product development and innovation.